The mobile opportunity for dealers

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Motor retailers have always adapted to meet the changing needs of consumers. The industry is awash with statistics on the digital journey that motorists now take when choosing their next car. However, it is the growing dominance of mobile search that presents the next big opportunity.

Millennials expect to access information anywhere and at any time, with video a preferred method of research. Google suggests that video should cover key information points including fuel efficiency, design, safety features, and vehicle technology.

Video should play a key part in engaging customers through the buying process from brand messaging and test drives to personalised videos with a walkaround and quotes. In a time-pressured environment such as motor retail, it is vital that any video solution is simple and effective. From turntables that can image a car in seconds to app-based video tools that deliver consistent results, simplicity is key.

As part of BCA, Autos On Show understands the automotive industry and has developed a system that allows dealers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by mobile video. It delivers more than 50 million assets a month through client websites.

App-based solutions enable users to capture a perfect video walkaround of every vehicle, complete with professional and consistent images. Once the video is captured, it can be easily uploaded to a range of channels, from websites to social media and classified sites.
Video allows retailers to engage with the consumer across any device, across any channel and in any location and is an increasingly vital tool in the marketing box.

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